Hurricane Preparation Procedures


Insurance for wind, hail, as well as flood, is the financial responsibility of the individual homeowner; therefore, any damage caused by wind, hail, and flooding is the responsibility of the homeowner. For the sake of conformity, the HOA will coordinate a single contractor to make all exterior repairs at the most economical cost. A bill will be sent to each homeowner with exterior damage. All interiors are the full responsibility of the individual and their insurance carrier.

Flood Vents

All Shoreline Units should have flood vents on the water and street side of each unit, as well as breakaway walls on the garage/storage room level, water side of each unit. Remember to remove any cold weather panels you may havetemporarily installed behind your flood vents, or they will not function properly during a flooding condition associated with a hurricane. If your flood vents lead to a sealed room open all doors to allow water to easily flow through the garage and storage areas.

Propane Tanks

According to the fire department chief, all propane tanks are to be closed and secured outside the building or removed from the island. Do not put any propane cylinders inside any enclosed area. This could lead to an explosion and fire if gas leaks and the gas is subsequently ignited in an enclosed space.

Boats and Boat Docks

All boats are to be removed from the docks if at all possible to minimize damage to the boat, the docks and the Channel Walk and Shoreline buildings. Nothing is to be secured to the bulkhead directly or indirectly.

Boat Dock Utilities: Electricity and Water

The manager will secure all utilities.

Window Protection

Permanent attachments need to be installed on the window trim to accept plywood or other material as protection for windows and doors during a hurricane. The old practice of nailing or screwing plywood over the windows and doors will cause early deteriation of the trim and siding, and is not allowed. The type of attachments required are inexpensive and are available in hardware stores. Attached is an illustration on the hardware and how to install it. If you need additional information, please contact the office at 910-679-4342. .