Governing Documents

Our community is governed by these documents:  The Declaration of Covenants, the Bylaws, and the Rules and Regulations.

The Declaration of Covenants are recorded with the Register of Deeds, and govern what an owner, may, may not, or must do with respect to the real estate.  Items included are the description of the property, language establishing an HOA, and protocol for special assessments.

The Bylaws are the guidelines for the operation of the homeowner’s association.  Bylaws cover items such as how often you have meetings, how many people are on the board, what constitutes a quorum, and how frequently you have membership meetings.

The Rules and Regulations are our community’s governing policies to promote a safe and uniform environment.  These include what types of items are allowed or not allowed on decks and railings, parking policies, pool rules, guidelines for requesting changes to your townhome, use of common areas, etc.