Designated Parking Places

Each unit has designated parking spaces. The Channel Walk units have one numbered space near the unit and one in the carport area. Shoreline units have designated spaces in the carport and directly in front of the unit. Owners or residents will not need parking passes to park in these designated spaces.


Unauthorized vehicles parked in numbered or visitor parking spaces and any vehicle improperly parked in other areas (in front of dumpsters, on the grass, or on the sidewalks, may be towed at any time. To have these vehicles towed, owners or legal occupants may contact:


Earl’s Towing

5 Jacksonville Street

Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: 919-254-0220


Earl’s will have 24 hour access from March 1st to October 31st to patrol for and tow any unauthorized or improperly parked vehicles including vehicles parked in visitor spaces with no visitor tag or windshield sticker. Earl’s phone number is posted on a sign at the entrance of our community.


Visitor Parking Spaces

Vehicles parked in visitor parking spaces will need current parking passes. Two types of parking passes are provided annually by the HOA: either a numbered visitor tag or a numbered windshield sticker. The visitor tag is required to be displayed clearly in the front windshield, and window stickers shall be placed in the lower left corner of the windshield. Vehicles parked in numbered or visitor spaces without parking passes may be towed.


Annually, each unit will be issued two visitor tags and two windshield stickers at no charge. Parking passes will be valid for one calendar year. Homeowners may provide the parking passes to legal occupants of their unit. Owners or occupants may obtain additional temporary visitor tags with a three day advance notice and a deposit with the office manager.  The office manager may be contacted by email at


All vehicles, except our landscapers, will need to adhere to these rules. Duplication of tags or stickers is not permitted.